Zagorsk Pipe Plant | 03 July 2023 г. | 13:08

2,5 million tons of pipes were released by the Zagorsky Pipe Plant

2,5 million tons of pipes were released by the Zagorsky Pipe Plant

Zagorsk Pipe Plant celebrated its seventh anniversary.

The young enterprise is already a leader in its industry and opens up new areas of activity. For 7 years, about 2.5 million tons of large diameter pipes were produced here.

The company's desire for constant development allowed even in the difficult period of pandemia to master new types of products, remaining the flagship of the industry, preserving jobs and social guarantees.

Last year, Zagorsky Trouble Plant JSC was the first to receive a certificate in Russia API-5LD and became the only large diameter company in Russia capable of making certified bimetallic pipes in accordance with the requirements of the API, resistant to aggressive environments and in including for hydrogen energy projects.

In addition to traditional products, the ZTZ launched in 2021 a new product line under the commodity sign Wallpi -production of complex solutions for the construction of road infrastructure and marine infrastructure facilities that allow reliably equip port. and mooring walls that protect the port structures from the ice from the ice of the Far North.

At the moment in the plans of the enterprise management - the implementation of projects for diversification of production, this applies not only to the development of new types of products, but also to a significant expansion of the sales market .

At the solemn event, ZTZ employees were congratulated by the president of the company Galyalkhak Safin, ZTZ CEO Denis Safin and adviser to the head of the district administration Sergey Lopatnikov. Distinguished employees of the plant were awarded honorary diplomas.

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