Metal Supply and Sales Editorial Office

Moscow (central office)
Address: 9/1, B. Maryinskaya ul., 129085, Moscow, Russia
Phone / fax: +7 (495) 734-9922 (multi-extension)

Ekaterinburg (representative office)
Аddress: Office 314, 16a, Akademicheskaya ul., Ekaterinburg 620066, Russia
Phone / fax: +7 (343) 376-24-22

Metal Supply and Sales Editorial Office

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Alexandr Romanov 
The Editor-in-Chief

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Mrs. Yuliya Alekseeva 
Executive Secretary

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Mrs. Tatiyana Ignatenko 
Head of Metal Trading and Metal Service Centers Departament

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Viktor Tarnavskii 
Head of the analytical unit

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Mr. Dmitry Lyakhovsky 
The project manager

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Nikolai Nikolaev 

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Mrs. M. Romanova 
Communications Director

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Mrs. Viktoriya Abramkina 
Director of Advertising and PR

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Mr. Evgeny Ivanuk 
System Administrator

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Aleksandr Deineko 
Head of the project "Monitoring of prices"

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Mr. Vladimir Kornilov 
Chief Designer
Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Mr. Andrey Ruban 
Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Mr. Alexey Efimov 
Director for Production
Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Mrs. Elena Kuznetsova 
Chief Accountant

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Iraklii Bandzeladze 
Specialist conference block

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Alyona Belorybkina 
Administrator of the Ural Office

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Mr. Danil Dekhkanov 
Editor of IT in Metallurgy Column

Array.first_name_en Array.last_name_en Mr. Timofei Martenovich 
Positive Mood Editor