Aluminium | 28 September 2023 г. | 13:26

In 2023, the Demand for Aluminium Sandwich Panels is Expected to Increase by 300%

In 2023, the Demand for Aluminium Sandwich Panels is Expected to Increase by 300%

The Aluminium Association Predicts a 300% Increase in Consumption of Aluminium Clad Sandwich Panels in 2023, Reaching 200,000 m2 and Accounting for 4% of the Corrosion Resistant Sandwich Panel Market.

"Using Aluminium in Sandwich Panels Doubles the Lifespan of Enclosing Structures and Provides Protection Against Through Corrosion Compared to Galvanised Solutions. Demand for Such an Innovative Product is Set to Grow. The Reason is Simple - Resource Economy. Using Aluminium Reduces Ownership Costs Due to Longer Operational Cycles, Hence, the Expansion of Aluminium Use is Inevitable," Explains Roman Selin, Expert from the Aluminium Association.

Development of Aluminium Clad Sandwich Panels in Russia Began in March 2020, with the First Batches of Products Released in April 2022. Seven factories in Russia have successfully established serial production, with the number of partners set to increase to ten by the end of 2023.

In 2022, a total of 50,000 m2 of innovative panels were manufactured. The market for sandwich panels with corrosion-resistant coating is estimated to be around 4.7 million m2 per year.

Aluminium-clad sandwich panels are sought after for the construction of livestock and agricultural complexes, storage warehouses for aggressive substances and materials, refrigerated industrial warehouse complexes, and facilities in the chemical, oil and gas, food, pharmaceutical, medical industries, among other strategic sectors, including construction projects in the Arctic zone.

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